About The Vibe Seeker

The Vibe Seeker is a dramatic documentation of a girl who moved from NYC to Cape Town and realized once she arrived that she couldn’t shop online anymore.

Just Kidding. Well, sort of. Actually, not really kidding at all.

I created The Vibe Seeker as a creative and calming pursuit while navigating life abroad as an American in Cape Town. As an interior designer by trade, I am constantly seeking out beauty in new spaces. As a traveling & shopping addict, I live for adventure while wearing pretty dresses ;).

Follow along on my journey of living, traveling, and designing abroad while creating a family in beautiful and crazy South Africa.

Veerta’s Story

Born in India, raised in California, moved to New York City, wound up in Cape Town, South Africa.

I’ve always been a dreamer. Growing up in California, I enjoyed the wistfulness the always-sunny state inspires. In Los Angeles I chased dreams as a model and actress, but I wasn’t happy, and struggled to find purpose amidst the Hollywood chaos (who wouldn’t?). Fortunately, after a lot of soul searching (a pretty way of describing hysterical breakdowns), I discovered my true passion for interior design. I created my own business, and it seemed that once I started doing what I loved, everything else started falling into place. Including meeting the love of my life.

My now husband Dave and I left Hollywood, and beach life for New York City where we spent 2.5 years exploring the big apple. We fell madly in love with strolling the cobblestone streets of West Village, sipping tequila at dimly lit speak-easy’s, and admiring the stunning city view from our Brooklyn home (we even got engaged on the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade!). The joy we found in discovering and exploring NYC only enhanced our desire to discover and explore more places around the world.

That’s how we came to move abroad to Cape Town. We’ve traded familiarity, family and Starbucks for safaris, new cultures, and sundowners in the bush. As an interior designer and avid traveler, I am drawn and fueled by visually unique and inspiring places (so basically you’ll see a lot of pretty things on here and cool places to visit). As much as I love food and cocktails (and believe me I do- I die for funfetti cupcakes), I tend to lean more towards ambiance and how a setting makes me feel first. A great ambiance can always elevate your mood.

And so can a great dress! Although my husband tends to disagree there…

I started this blog initially to stay connected with loved ones back home. Moving abroad can force you to reevaluate your purpose, especially when you’re unable to work and know nobody in your new country. Not wanting to let go of my love for and career in interior design, I created The Vibe Seeker as a creative outlet for my own passions and hopefully as an an inspiration for yours.

Thank you for following along!