December 24th, 2018 ♥♥♥

Day 1: Cape Town to Kagga Kamma

A 3 day weekend in the middle of December during Cape Town’s peak summer season definitely calls for a desert escape.  I’d heard Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve in Cederberg was a perfect remote place to unwind, detox and simply relax.

These traits are what made this place so desirable to us as we have just come off 3 straight months of hosting our American friends and family in our home in Cape Town. Although it has been an absolute blast getting to share this beautiful city with our loved ones,  some alone quiet time mixed with some sunshine and adventure was happily welcomed!

Desert Getaway Cape Town

Entrance of Kagga Kamma.

A 3 hour car ride from Cape Town finds you at the entrance of Kagga Kamma, which is a long red dirt path filled with bumps, boulders and not another soul in sight. One more hour of bumping around in the Beast (our nickname for our big Jeep) and we had arrived.

Desert Getaway Cape Town

Our “hut suite”- pic courtesy of Kagga Kamma.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Our room- basic, but spacious and had perfect AC and a great hot shower, which surprised me.

You know when people say you need to unplug and get away? That’s precisely the feeling Kagga Kamma gives you upon arrival. The minimal wifi connection also helps! It’s quiet. Beautiful. Hot. Did I mention quiet?

After a quick check in to our hut suite (we chose this over the unique cave suite because I read reviews that the hut’s are bigger and just as cool) we explored the property. The rock formations surrounding the resort are very cool and send out soothing energy. I imagined that would connect to the design of our room. But, our first impression was that the room is a bit underwhelming. It’s so basic for R4000 a night. The lighting was a bit off, and it felt like it could use some….shall we say “updating”? But hey the AC worked, and the shower was good and what did we care? We just wanted a weekend of relaxing and exploring new areas of South Africa. That evening, we hopped into a Jeep and sped off on a guided Sundowner Drive to watch the sunset.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Spotting some Zebras off in the distance.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Sunset stop.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

A little sundowner and snack set up by Sam, our guide.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Our guide for the Sundowner drive, Sam was really educational, stopping at every single animal along the way, making it a bit of a game drive. We saw some Zebras, and sprinbok type animals, but mainly just admired the rocky landscape and desert plains.

Desert Escape at Kagga Kamma Cape Town Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town
Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Golden Hour.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

The drive was pretty and the sunset view point Sam chose to stop and set up a picnic was fabulous. The views mixed in with the isolation and that deep silence was very zen like.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Post Sunset Walking to Dinner at Kagga Kamma

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Dinner was set up around this fireplace with tables as shown. Made us feel a bit like we were the bride and groom at a sweetheart table. I couldn’t stop laughing at how awkward it was.

The dinner set up was hilarious. You’re placed at these wedding like tables around a fire staring at other guests, not close enough to actually chat….but not far enough to really ignore each other either. Just awkwardly hilarious.

On safaris, they normally seat you so close you end up getting to know everyone and that’s half the fun of it. The vibe here was a bit….reserved for lack of a better word. Actually, I’m being nice. It was boring. There, I said it.

The food I would rate as a B-minus. We ordered a few meat dishes and it was just okay. What they lacked in food though, they made up with the amazing star viewing. They even have Star Gazing guided experiences if you care to learn more. It was just amazing being able to see so many stars!

Day 2: Exploring the Reserve 

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Hiking at Kagga Kamma Reserve.

The next day we hiked a 4km trail suggested to us by Sam. It was generally pretty, very easy to navigate, and had some fun tunnels to go through. Though, we wish we had done the 7 km trail as we got back from this hike in just one hour! What were we to do with the rest of our day?!

Desert Getaway at Kagga Kamma

Um, now what?!

Desert Escape at Kagga Kamma Desert Escape at Kagga Kamma

By the time we returned from our hike it was noon and the sun was burning hot. We set off for the pool and forced ourselves to jump into the freezing ice cold water. The way they built the pool into the rocks was really impressive. The unique rock formations was definitely the highlight  of Kagga Kamma.

We spent the entire afternoon  reading, napping, swimming and playing cards a million times. There really isn’t much else to do. People come here to just turn off.

My husband and I aren’t used to spending a day doing absolutely nothing. It took a minute to adjust! Every weekend we’re usually out exploring or playing tour guide for guests, but I think the hosting duties had finally caught up with us. A break lounging in sunshine and a good book did the trick. And a few games of winning rummy against Dave didn’t hurt either ;).

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

That evening, we climbed the stairs to the spa which was built into the rocks, and sat there to watch the sun go down. The vantage point from the spa was oddly perfect. They should really turn it into a Sundowners Bar. The interior designer in me was working overtime on how I could improve this place! :/

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Same dinner set up for night 2…more wedding vibes ;)

Day 3- Kagga Kamma to Cape Town

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Last looks at our little hut.

We woke up feeling rested and rejuvenated. I suppose having minimal wifi really does help you turn off! After breakfast, which was also just bla-ish (and for some reason flat whites there take 30 minutes to make), we decided to head off. Cederberg, where Kagga Gamma is located is beautiful. The landscape is stunning and we do hope to return to the heart of Cederberg to do more exploring and hikes there in the future.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

Walking to entrance to the restaurant and main lobby to check out.

Desert Getaway Kagga Kamma Cape Town

A little surprise sighting on our way out! 

But overall, Kagga Kamma itself is nice enough, but nothing to rave about, and doubtful we’ll return at R4000 a night. If they were priced at half that, I’d consider suggesting it, but since it isn’t I’d go ahead and skip this hotel. If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, head for Mosaic Private Sanctuary in Hermanus instead! 

That’s a wrap on our desert getaway. Hope you all enjoyed. Tomorrow is our first South African Christmas and we are so excited to experience it. Merry Christmas to all of you! xo

Desert Escape at Kagga Kamma
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