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Move Abroad from NYC to Cape Town

Move from LA to NYC – June 2015

Move Abroad from NYC to Cape Town

Move from NYC to LA (for 2 months) to Cape Town, South Africa – December 2017

In 2017, while my then fiance Dave and I were living in gorgeous New York City and planning our destination wedding in Croatia, we began to think about how we wanted to live our life “post-marriage, pre-kids.” One of our dreams has always been to live abroad, and we figured it may be a tad bit easier pre-kids than post (I’m sure all of the parents out there would agree!).

Move Abroad from NYC to Cape Town

Summer in the city.

Everyday I would jump out of bed, wedding plan, and then move abroad plan.  I’d search high and low for all types of jobs that Dave was qualified for. This involved a lot of  probing from me to Dave like, “What do you do again?” and “Sorry, I still don’t understand?” and “Okay for real, this time I’m listening”. Finally, I got it down! (Dave is an executive in the tech world and in general I find all technology confusing).

I searched for opportunities from Bangkok to Buenos Aires and London to Barcelona. It was such a fun process imagining all the different places we could live. One opportunity even flew us to Buenos Aires, Argentina for an interview one month before our wedding.

Buenos Aires Argentina Malbec

Tasting Malbec’s in Buenos Aires.

There was no real urgency to leave NYC. We both liked our jobs, loved our home and were thoroughly enjoying the city. And of course, most importantly, we treasured the new friendships we had made. It was a debate we were constantly going through – is it worth it to move abroad? We were just settling into a groove in NYC, forging great new friendships – did we want to shake all that up for the unknown? And….did we really want to give up our view? (This was a very serious point for us.)

Dumbo Brooklyn NYC Apartment Interior Design

Our home in Dumbo, Brooklyn, NYC. Waking up to that view was pure heaven.

Move Abroad from NYC to Cape Town

The view from our rooftop – it was like living on a set of a movie every single day.

Was this the best time to move abroad? The honest answer was and is today….there really is no perfect time in life to do anything. If you have a dream, you need to just act on it. Thinking about it and debating is good to do (we definitely did a couple of pro-con lists!) ….to an extent. If you actually stop and think about this rationally, why in the world would we move our wonderful new life in arguably the best city in the world for something completely unknown?

One Hotel Rooftop view of NYC

Our neighborhood bar One Hotel, which had the best view of the city.

The unknown could be terrible. We could make no friends. I could be very lonely. And I could be very hungry- what if the food is bad? (These are real concerns by the way.) We could be testing our first year of marriage out in the worst possible way. The “could be’s” list literally could last forever…

Orrr, it could be the best experience of our entire life. We could be seeing beauty in nature and architecture in a completely exotic way. We could be eating the freshest seafood we have ever tasted. We could be sipping the best sauvignon blanc at a beautifully designed winery. We could meet some pretty cool new friends. And we could become best friends with an elephant or two (maybe not, but it never hurts to dream).

Dumbo Brooklyn Apartment Interior Design

Dumbo Home

Here’s the thing to always remember that I take pride in doing very well in my life (which may or may not be a good thing): you can always just leave. Whether it’s a bad relationship, a horrendous job with a demon boss, 8 years devoted to a career path that didn’t go anywhere (this is my life in a nutshell) or moving abroad to a foreign country. You can always just leave. It’s really that simple!

We truly didn’t think there was much else to it. This whole train of thought lasted maybe 2 weeks for us. Plus…wanderlust is strong… and our need for adventure prevailed. In the end, after a few trips to various countries (all in 30 days before our wedding!) we found ourselves with an opportunity we just couldn’t say no to.

Cape Town, South Africa – here we come!!

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Move Abroad from NYC to Cape Town


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