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Best Bars with Chic Decor in Cape Town Chinchilla

Chillin’ at Chinchilla in Camps Bay- super into their live edge bar.

Oftentimes the vibe, mood, or feeling of a bar or lounge is far more critical than their selection of cocktails. As an interior designer,  I gravitate towards an interesting design or chic decor first and foremost. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate quality food or drink; I just appreciate them alot more when I am not sitting under fluorescent lights.

A great design does not need to be fancy or solely upscale. In general, a great design cannot be measured in a finite way. However it does normally invoke a feeling within you of either astonishment or pleasure.

Maybe it’s a tropical vibe that makes you want to randomly order a mojito. Or a romantic vibe that relaxes you and makes your date night feel extra special. In Cape Town, we don’t have a shortage of amazing places that fall under the extraordinary design category.

Here are my picks for the 5 chicest bars that have excellent design, gorgeous style, and that certain je ne sais quoi!

5. Asoka

Best Bars with Chic Decor in Cape Town Asoka

If you’re vibin for a swanky romantic night, Asoka is definitely it. I can’t even deal with this gorgeous tree growing in the middle of the place with fairy lights, and soft candles surrounding it. On Tuesday night, guests are treated to a live jazz band that sets up near the tree. With the buzz of jazz humming in the background, and a fireplace roaring in the lounge, Asoka provides the perfect ambiance for a date night.

4. Chinchilla Rooftop

Best Bars with Chic Decor in Cape Town Chinchilla

Entering Chinchilla Rooftop makes you feel like you’ve escaped to a tropical oasis. The lush palm plants, the smell of sea salt in the air, and the thatch roof adds layers to that breezy feeling. Set on the main promenade in Camps Bay, it shares space with various other beach shops giving it an exciting vacation like energy. The bar is my favorite part because it’s made entirely of live edge wood (see first pic above), but the view and cocktails don’t hurt either. This is a perfect spot for a Friday evening unwind-from-the-week sundowner.

3. Leopard Bar at the Twelve Apostles

Best Bars with Chic Decor in Cape Town Twelve Apostles

The Leopard Bar at the Twelve Apostles Hotel was my first design crush in Cape Town. Anything with leopard usually scores pretty high with me, but this one also has another one of my favorite things: banana leaf wallpaper! The combination of these wild African prints set with luxe furnishings with a balcony facing the ocean leaves you swooning. The interior lounge has African objects sprinkled around, painting of animals in the wild, and fans that look like leaves cooling you on a hot summer day. I love coming here for either high tea in the afternoon or a gin and tonic on the weekends.

2. The Willaston Bar at the Silo Hotel

Best Bars with Chic Decor in Cape Town Silo Hotel

The Silo Hotel is a hip, sleek industrial hotel in the Waterfront district of Cape Town. Although visitors come to the hotel for Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa  or the popular rooftop bar with it’s gorgeous Table Mountain views, I prefer the Willaston Bar on the 6th floor. The unique windows with it’s geometric architecture is what I find most interesting about the Silo Hotel’s design and from the Willaston Bar, a guest can admire this element far better. The modern design is warmed up with vibrant colors, velvet fabrics, and guests who are dressed to impress.

1. Kloof Street House

Best Chic Bars Cape Town Kloof Street House

If I could move into Kloof Street House, I would. Steeping into a fairy tale like garden, you are immediately transported  from the trendy, busy city Kloof Street it resides on into a spectacular Victorian style home. Stepping inside, a guest is captured by it’s warmth as each room is filled with character, bold hues, chesterfield sofas, tufted velvet chairs, old world carpets, and striking art each way you turn. It’s a designers paradise. I will admit, Kloof Street House was our first restaurant we went to when Dave was interviewing here so it also has sentimental value. We’ve returned many times since moving to Cape Town and each visit I discover a new treasure, like a vintage chair, or a piece of art. The cocktails are delicious as is the food, but honestly with interiors like this, who even cares? This place had me from hello…or I mean “howz it?!”

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Best Bars with Chic Decor Cape Town
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