August 27, 2019 ♥♥♥
Bellagio Lake Como

The idyllic town of Bellagio, home for 5 days.

From Sicily to Lake Como! We flew into Bergamo and as we drove to Lake Como we couldn’t help but admire the old town of Bergamo itself. It looked medieval and stunning from afar. As we winded down the roads the views were filled with mountains, little towns, and then finally Lake Como. We had arrived!

Day 1

Bellagio Lake Como

What a great view to wake up to! ;)

Bellagio Lake Como

Our old school Italian room at Grand Villa Serbelloni

Bellagio Lake Como

Love vintage style rooms but with modern bathrooms. It’s that mix of old and new (creature comforts) that we all crave.

Bellagio Lake Como
Bellagio Lake Como

Night 1: Reunited with my girls!

Such a dream to be with my best friends while pregnant and in Lake Como of all places.

Day 2

Bellagio Lake Como

Strolling about town with some of my favorite ladies which was the highlight for me- but LOOK at that view!

Bellagio Lake Como
Bellagio Lake Como

After an afternoon exploring Bellagio, we hopped in the coolest boat ever (total Clooney style- thanks Richters!) and cruised off to Villa d’ Este.

Bellagio Lake ComoBellagio Lake ComoBellagio Lake Como
Villa D'Este

Hello Villa D’Este! It’s even more breathtaking in person.

Little did we know- we would be sitting next to a fashion designers wedding and people watching the most beautiful humans all night! It was like being front row at a runway show. The Italians really know how to live life well in every aspect.


Villa d’ Este interiors: Columns + Grand Staircases. Spectacular.

Da boyz. Some forgot ties so the hotel kindly leant them an assortment of hilarious pieces. Jim and Dave’s were definitely the best.

Beautiful Laura :)

As if the night even needed to get better…..fireworks as we sailed back home. Truly a night to remember.

Day 3

Bellagio Lake Como

Off to catch our ferry from Bellagio to Como for the day. Excited gang over here :/.

Como Lake Como

Back to charming Bellagio!

Intermission from our epic card game for this cute little photo. Love these girls so much.

Day 4 

This is 40! Boat day on Lake Como

Dave’s first time waterskiing- of course he nails it.

Laura killed it too!

The cutest 40 years olds I’ve ever seen.

Grand Villa Serbelloni

Love affair with our hotel and marble columns continue.

Las night at Grand Tremezzo.  The holy grail of fabulous green entrances.

Jaw-dropping views from the bar.

Stripe obsessed just like moi.

The best Como crew on our last night together.

It’s hard to coordinate and plan trips with friends living all over the world but the payoff is so rewarding. Truly there is no better gift than travel (besides having babies ;)) and we are so lucky our friends feel the same way.

Note: I am writing this entry in April 2020 when Coronvirus has hit the world with devastating stories. Nothing is more important than our health and staying home if you have the luxury to. One day, the world will give us memories like this again. We just all have to be strong…and patient. Love to you all. Stay safe. x

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